Our Team

A shared belief that people make change is at the heart of the sankalpa philosophy.

With this in mind the team draw together experience, knowledge and contacts across a broad spectrum inclusive of sustainable food production, animal health, business leadership, finance, transpersonal psychology and science to create the umbrella that is sankalpa.

Staff Ruth Layton

Ruth Layton

Founder & Director

As the founder of sankalpa Ruth is at the heart of our evolution.

Through her work, Ruth has developed extensive expertise and a global reputation for advancing animal welfare within the food sector. Ruth’s experience and her passion for food sustainability, in both local and global contexts, continues to shape economic, ethical and environmental policy and strategy.

BVet Med MSc (Transpersonal Psychology) DWEL MRCVS

After a lifetime of building and growing my own food sustainability business, I am now in a position to share what I have learned with others. For me, sustainability is about all kinds of people, all kinds of animals and our care for the environment which sustains us. Setting up sankalpa has allowed me to apply the expertise I have developed in the food sector outward to a broad framework.

My understanding of the necessity for humans to develop, to see ourselves as part of a whole rather than as an individual, has been magnified through my studies in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. Growing the vision of sankalpa with a likeminded community, and experiencing the positive impact and changes made in practice, is truly inspirational.

Staff Alex Tomlinson

Alexandra Tomlinson

Director & Core Team — Operations Coordinator

Alex facilitates and develops our links to the people and projects we invest in – while focussing on sankalpa’s evolution.

Alex’s background is in veterinary practice and wildlife health. With an ever increasing interest in land management and its effects on the entire ecosystem, including humans, Alex has a particular passion for ethical food production – using ways that harness the resilience of, and respect the natural world.

MA Vet MB MSc PhD Dip ECZM (Wildlife Population Health) MRCVS

sankalpa feeds, nourishes and nurtures people’s ideas to bring about real and lasting changes.

sankalpa is a model, a concept, or a ‘vision in action’ of how to make the most of money – in terms of maximising tax breaks, minimising administrative costs, but also in terms of groundwork to establish that the right people are being supported in a wide variety of specific projects.

sankalpa invests in people.

Staff Steve Marker

Stephen Marker

Director & Core Team — Finance Coordinator

Having over 35 years of experience in financial planning, Steve coordinates all things fiscal –  leading our relationship with the Oxfordshire Community Foundation and other partners.

It was Ruth’s drive and enthusiasm that led Steve into working with sankalpa. Steve feels that his role with sankalpa is not just about tax and percentage points, it is about truly changing lives for the better.

Chartered Financial Planner APFS CFP

Ruth’s background, working at a senior level within the sustainable food production sector and through her ongoing studies and interests in spirituality and community, gives the whole team a unique insight to the challenges involved. Together with the drive to make changes happen for the better.

Rob Layton

Rob Layton

Director & Core Team — Financial Advisor, Projects

When required, Rob audits sankalpa funded projects, reviews individual project finances and advises changemakers on how best to develop their financial reporting.

Rob’s career as a management consultant began with for one of the Big Four auditors — KPMG.  After finishing his MBA, Rob moved into the aftermarket business within the aerospace industry, where he travelled significantly in order to support businesses worldwide. In 2000 Rob became a freelance management consultant, focussing on business and financial planning, advising organisations both large and small.

MA, MBA, MA (Phil)

It is wonderful to be able to help sankalpa supported organisations with their financial planning and reporting — particularly when it is not their core focus, but important nevertheless.

Staff Becky Adams

Becky Adams

Core Team — Finance Coordinator

With a key role in the grants process, Becky is our go to person for all aspects of financial and administrative management. Her diligence and tenacity ensure flexibility in finding solutions.

After completing a degree in business studies, Becky gained the fully qualified status of financial planner. Outside of work, Becky volunteers at her local hospice and it is her enjoyment of meeting and working with both new, and inspirational, people that led Becky to work with sankalpa.

Deputy Financial Planning Manager DipPFS Certs CII (MP & ER)

Through the promotion and support of projects that aim to develop communities and enrich people’s lives, sankalpa ensures that ideas and visions that may otherwise not be nourished are realised.

When the chance arose to get involved with sankalpa, I jumped at the opportunity.

Gb Sankalpa

Georgina Barrett

Core Team — Communications Coordinator

From arts and culture to health and housing, Georgina has a background in managing projects, people and communications in third sector and creative companies of varying size. At present, Georgina works with a multi-disciplinary design collective — Dust and is editor of Mess, a journal with a food and creativity focus. Georgina is particularly interested in giving a platform to unheard voices and collaborating with others to create transformative cultural experiences.

MA (Arts & Cultural Management)

The depth of diversity, of both projects and people, has to be the most fascinating aspect of being involved in sankalpa. Working alongside a global team of truly unique changemakers is quite probably the best job in the world.

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