Our Approach

By investing in people we trust, we are able to avoid onerous administration, ensuring sankalpa funds are used to best effect.

sankalpa was founded in 2015 by Ruth Layton as a way in which to enable changemakers to achieve significant local and global impact.

With a key investment focus on early stage research and implementation, we are able to work with differing geographic, cultural, and societal barriers and constraints, understanding where they apply to each project. This detailed inception scoping ensures each project is scalable, with a clear bespoke rollout route, applicable to far larger impact initiatives.

It is our honest relationships that allow our model to work so well. By knowing, understanding and connecting with each sankalpa changemaker, we are certain that those in receipt of our investment are in the best possible position to make change happen.

In addition to supporting changemakers through direct social investment, sankalpa also aid and signpost other funders in using funds to best effect. Developing trusted investment models, reducing administration costs and maximising tax breaks, enables funds to go directly through changemakers into projects which make positive impacts on the world.

Our sankalpa model is built on the development of trusting relationships between us, our changemakers and our project teams, enabling us to scale up elements of our work to benefit many more people, animals and the wider environment. 

One of the key partners for our work is the Oxfordshire Community Foundation.

Investing in changemakers is a truly rewarding opportunity. If you are interested in setting up your own mechanism for investment — whether that be taking the first steps to start your own funding platform, supporting established sankalpa projects, or simply making a one off donation, we'd love to hear from you.

Although we are not currently accepting new requests for funding, we are keen to connect like-minded individuals with mutually beneficial projects and people.

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