Our Approach

sankalpa is a philanthropic direct social investment organisation, founded in 2015 by Ruth Layton as a way in which to enable changemakers to achieve significant global impact.

As a community interest company, we invest in projects that contribute to human flourishing and lead to harmony between humans and our natural environment. Our key investment focus is on early stage research and implementation projects, this approach ensures projects are scalable and can lead to far larger initiatives.

Investment from sankalpa comes in many different forms including funding, grants, networking, advice and specialist support. The type and level of investment depends on the scope and output of each individual project.

At present we are not inviting new applications for investment, however we are keen to connect with other social investors and hear about the work of related projects.

One of our key partners is The Oxfordshire Community Foundation. The OCF hold and manage named funds on behalf of multiple donors and fundmakers including sankalpa. As a partner, the OCF provide a mechanism which allows us to channel our philanthropic investment directly into the heart of the projects we care about.

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