Vet Sustain (1) — sankalpa supported activity

Vet Sustain


Vet Sustain is the only veterinary group, worldwide, that is dedicated to a broad range of interconnected sustainability issues.

Veterinary surgeon Laura Higham established Vet Sustain in 2019, in response to calls for the veterinary professions to increase their prominence and influence in sustainability. Recognising the unique One Health skill set and trusted position held by vets, vet nurses and members of the vet-led team — the organisation is a platform for veterinary professions to come together and take collective action.

Supporting Vet Sustain

In 2020, alongside ongoing mentoring, sankalpa supported Vet Sustain with both funding and hands-on project management to create a new website, develop their branding and refine their messaging.

Although we already had a strong social media presence, our website and brand was an area of significant weakness. Support from sankalpa allowed us to better showcase the breadth and depth of our current work and future plans.

Laura Higham, Vet Sustain
Vet Sustain (1) — sankalpa supported activity

sankalpa’s support has included financial help, hands on support and personal mentorship. A combination that has given me the means and confidence to take forward an fledgeling idea. Their agile processes enable them to deliver support quickly and efficiently, when it is needed most — a lifeline.

Laura Higham, Vet Sustain

Vet Sustain, today

With support from Firstport, Scotland's agency for start-ups, and ambassadors including Lord Sandy Trees and TV presenter Dr Jess French — Vet Sustain is continuing to highlight the ways that veterinary professionals can, and do, play a key role in addressing the multiple challenges facing society.

The Community Interest Company has working groups that are  focused on: sustainability in practice, sustainability in education, food and farming, and engaging with the veterinary sector.

By embedding and mainstreaming sustainability planning and action into the veterinary agenda, the team is confident that Vet Sustain can support veterinary professionals to become a leading force for sustainability.

Veterinary professionals occupy an extraordinary niche for driving the sustainability agenda. By taking steps such as reducing the carbon footprint of veterinary operations, ensuring responsible medicine use and supporting regenerative forms of agriculture and aquaculture, vets can address the environmental and ethical impacts of their own activities and the sectors they influence.

Laura Higham, Vet Sustain

Vet Sustain, tomorrow

The next step for Vet Sustain involves building a suite of toolkits and training to equip veterinary professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to drive sustainability in their roles.

Vet Sustain is currently seeking seed funding to allow them to further develop their services and become financially self-sufficient. To find out more about supporting the organisation, visit the Vet Sustain website.

To support a sustainable future, we must tackle climate change, and promote healthy and biodiverse ecosystems. The COVID-19 pandemic has given a stark reminder of the importance of protecting nature to also protect humanity.

Laura Higham, Vet Sustain
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