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Transition by Design

Oxford, United Kingdom

Founded in 2011, Transition by Design (T/D) is an Oxford based impact-driven architecture and design cooperative.

T/D adopt alternative housing models and strategic design approaches to create beautiful and inclusive spaces which prioritise people and planet over profit.

Published in Autumn 2017, a government report stated a 14% increase in homelessness across the country — with Oxford highlighted as one of the eight local authorities with increased numbers of rough sleepers. Empty and underused buildings continue to present a major issue in England’s cities and surrounding areas, therefore creative responses are needed to tackle issues of affordability and accessibility.

After two years researching alternative housing models and co-production techniques, sankalpa provided T/D with finance in the form of a loan and a grant. The investment will support further research into two projects relating to alternative housing models and co-production techniques. The investment has supported the set up of a new co-working space — Makespace Oxford and a Homemaker Design School which will teach individuals experiencing homelessness how to design and build their own home. The design school is part of a wider programme to repurpose empty and underused spaces in response to Oxford’s homeless epidemic.

Transition By Design

sankalpa has given us support at key moments which has helped boost our credibility and launch new initiatives which continue to generate benefits to our members and the wider social enterprise sector and community-led housing sectors in Oxford. Beyond this they have shown belief in our work and helped us connect with other inspiring groups which is invaluable for young mission-driven organisations.

Andy Edwards, co founder & director at Transition by Design

Looking to the future, T/D is continuing to build skills and confidence though the Homemaker Design School while also scaling up development of empty spaces in Oxford for those in the greatest housing need.

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