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Make Relationships Simple

Nationwide, United Kingdom

With a focus on helping people to develop a conscious understanding of relationship dynamics, Make Relationships Simple offers support to those at the beginning, middle or end of a relationship — especially in terms of structuring personal happiness, self esteem and love.

I believe that a better world comes from more authenticity, acceptance and awareness. When people are able to be authentic, aware and feel accepted — they display the best aspects of themselves. When we are better individually, we create a better world.

Rob McPhillips, Founder of Make Relationships Simple

Launched in September 2018, Make Relationships Simple (previously known as the Relationship GPS Project) is an on and offline platform for people seeking guidance and a deeper understanding of the complexities of managing personal relationships. The online aspect is in the form of a digital hub where people seeking help and advice can access information including resource guides, online coaching and intensive relationship management courses. Offline activities include a growing programme of group socials where people come together to have honest discussions about relationships, heartache and dating.

A big positive is the nature and atmosphere of the groups — people feel safe, accepted and supported. Sometimes I get emails saying that I’ve helped people in a way that I didn’t realise. Not everyone reaches the finish line that I’ve set, but it’s positive to know that people are getting the level of help that they need.

Rob McPhillips, Founder of Make Relationships Simple

Initially sankalpa supported Rob via funding for project scoping and set up, today we continue to support the development of Make Relationships Simple through the provision of core salary funding and marketing costs.

Without sankalpa I would not have had the time to create something really meaningful and useful, it either wouldn’t have developed — for lack of time and focus, or it would have been focused on being saleable and therefore it would have been less meaningful and unique.

Rob McPhillips, Founder of Make Relationships Matter

Rob’s long term ambition is to develop an organisation that offers relationship support to a wider group of people. As the project develops, Make Relationships Simple will support more people to develop their relationship skills through challenging thinking, accepting truth and connecting more deeply with others.

I have been trying to create a reliable system that makes it easy and accessible for people to transform their relationships, without having to spend years becoming a relationship ninja! The groups have always had a great atmosphere, now we’re keeping that spirit while also building a clear pathway for the future.

Rob McPhillips, Founder of Make Relationships Simple

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