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Regenerative Agriculture

Nationwide, United Kingdom

Regenerative agriculture is a systems-based approach to grassland management, incorporating planned ruminant grazing and minimal soil disturbance, allowing soil to replenish naturally — leading to the growth of nutrient rich food and climate restoration via carbon sequestration. As living entities, soil, plants, trees, wildlife, and farmed livestock rely on a more nourishing and sustainable partnership with humankind.

Founded by a group of sankalpa changemakers in the summer of 2019, the Regenerative Agriculture project is a sankalpa funded research group — working towards quantifying the ethical, environmental and economic benefits of the practices of regenerative agriculture.

The group’s research includes the potential gains associated with holistic planned livestock grazing, agroforestry, cow-with-calf dairy production and 100% pasture-fed livestock systems.

sankalpa embodies trust and faith in people’s ability to bring about change.

Alex Tomlinson, sankalpa changemaker

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