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Profit with Purpose

Eastern Cape, South Africa

Based within a rural African community, Profit with Purpose is an incubator and skills hub that has been training individuals to achieve financial independence since 2016.

Profit with Purpose is unique as trainees take an active role in building their products and customer base from the off. Starting with a focus on practical learning, trainees are supported until they have become competent product makers and business people. Once they have gained the ability to run a stand-alone business, with pre-agreed levels of turnover and profit, trainees are supported to take over all aspects and begin running their own independent business.

Profit With Purpose (4) — sankalpa supported activity ​With an ever expanding product line, Deserey now has over 100 bakery customers — individuals, local coffee shops and guesthouses. Deserey cites a growth in self confidence as one of her biggest achievements — ​a result of undertaking the programme, this confidence has enabled her to introduce herself to potential and current customers.
Profit With Purpose (3) — sankalpa supported activity In addition to receiving training to create her own skincare products, Chamone has also gained an understanding of how to make a profit from her project — ​learning how to do paperwork and marketing. Of her many achievements, Chamone has recorded that the programme has enabled her to overcome her fear of the reaction of others and has given her the confidence to develop and create her own brand.
Profit With Purpose (15) — sankalpa supported activity After learning how to use a pattern cutting machine, Denise has gained the skills and confidence to use social media and create aesthetic pop-up-shop displays. Support from the programme has enabled Denise begin taking school uniform orders and grow a database of customers. Denise feels that the programme has given her the skills required to to come out of her comfort zone in order to lead her own successful business.
Profit With Purpose (8) — sankalpa supported activity Learning how to use a sewing machine and cut patterns were the first steps for Samantha in starting her own business. Having the opportunity to express herself in front of people, coupled with learning about how to apply ethics to her workspace are just two of the points Samantha feels she has learnt through the programme.

Through the provision of funds, sankalpa has supported the organisation to undertake initial feasibility testing and set up of the incubation hub and training programme. Following refinement, Profit with Purpose has created a scalable offer in the form of the What Works Academy. The academy resources are available for use by others in Southern Africa, and beyond, people who wish to create and improve financial independence within their local and rural communities.

sankalpa has given us the opportunity to make a difference in this community by actively changing the lives of individuals and families.  The process has also produced concrete knowledge about what really makes social development and social enterprise projects work in South Africa.

Elizabeth Morris, founder of profit with purpose & What works academy

Looking to the future, Profit with Purpose is proposing to train a cohort of young people in digital marketing. Due to the low living costs in Graaff Reinet, changemaker Elizabeth Morris sees these trainee-marketeers as being extremely competitive in the global market as virtual freelancers.

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