Human Change For Animals

Human Behaviour Change for Animals

Oxford, United Kingdom

Using research from the field of behavioural change, Human Behaviour Change for Animals (HBCA) support organisations to be effective advocates for animals.

Recognising that a common cause of animal suffering is human behaviour, HBCA work with organsations and individuals to deliver positive change through a combination of built behavioural understanding and communication — equipping people with the skills to improve the world for animals.

sankalpa has supported HBCA in their delivery of a training programme for senior leaders in the farming and aquaculture industries, based within international biotechnology company — Benchmark Plc.

The sankalpa funded HBCA project Empowering people to make a difference through behaviour change will aim to build the capacity of those working to improve the lives of animals — by developing their understanding of the key principles of human behaviour change and how to apply those principles.

sankalpa is a source of inspiration and motivation to people who are also trying to change the world. Talking to the sankalpa team is so inspiring, they understand exactly what we are doing and why. sankalpa has been very supportive in exploring the potential ways that we can collaborate and their unique approach, to developing and building on trusting relationships, to support and enable changemakers — presents us with an exciting opportunity to make an even greater impact.

Jo White, Cofounder Human Behaviour Change for Animals

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