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The Alef Trust: MSc Hardship funding

Wirral, United Kingdom

Founded by Jessica Bockler and Les Lancaster in 2012, as a not-for-profit community interest company, the Alef Trust delivers both on and offline educational and community projects with an emphasis on holistic and spiritual perspectives. Alef Trust founding director, Professor Les Lancaster, created an MSc in Professional Development: Consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology in order to widen the availability of independent psychological and consciousness studies. The online masters programme, taught by a global faculty, covers an array of specialist topics — offering holistic perspectives on human development, ecological and sustainability issues, education and health.

The organisation is currently developing their community projects in order to support programme graduates worldwide, through coaching and mentorship, as well as sharing networks and resources.

Due to hardship and limited financial means, some course applicants are unable to afford the full cost of the MSc programme. sankalpa enables course take-up by offering partial scholarships to deserving individuals, from all over the world, people with a demonstrable vision for human development and growth.

Between 2014 and 2018 sankalpa sponsored 24 students to undertake the course. People have gone on to develop their psychotherapy practices, set up businesses in the transpersonal and ecological fields, and build careers in further research and teaching.

sankalpa has enabled us to thrive and become a beacon for transpersonal psychology, building a community of like-minded people from around the world who want to make a difference to their communities, contributing to human flourishing worldwide.

We are living at a time of seismic shifts taking place in our society, with the values traditionally associated with religion requiring realignment and spiritual questions impinging potently on all walks of life. With the help of sankalpa, the Alef Trust is able to play a part in facilitating these shifts, fulfilling our mission to nurture the potential for transformation and greater harmony in and amongst all people and communities, with the aim to make a better world.

Jessica Bockler, founding director of The Alef Trust
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