Good Food Oxford

Good Food Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

A growing network of organisations working together for a better food system in Oxford.

Founded in 2013, Good Food Oxford is a cross-sector partnership. Together, individuals and institutions work to identify and instigate the promotion of healthy, fair, ethical and environmentally sustainable food for Oxford.

With minimal staffing and reliance on volunteers, sankalpa provided the organisation with core funding. The funding, which enabled the organisation to employ two members of staff for two years, allowed the organisation to focus on defining its focus and becoming self-sufficient.

From the start, sankalpa believed in the power of Good Food Oxford, and in my ability as a changemaker. sankalpa knows that powerful networks for positive change don’t just happen, and any network needs nourishing. The fund provided us with the resources to help our network members address the most pressing challenges of our time.

Hannah Fenton, Good Food Oxford Manager

In 2018, Good Food Oxford submitted Oxford’s successful application for a Sustainable Food Cities Bronze Award. The application evidenced the activity of more than 150 groups and organisations across six key issues — from addressing diet-related ill-health to building the local food economy.

The network continues to grow (130 members as of March 2019), develop its connectedness and advance local authority policy and influence local research priorities.

Good Food Oxford events now form a core part of Oxford Green Week and Oxfordshire residents have been encouraged to be more SUGAR SMART. Other achievements include — a food poverty report and Oxford Living Wage research which has contributed to local campaigning and project work to address food poverty, and regular meetings of an Oxfordshire Catering & Procurement Working Group of large institutions.

Good Food Oxford

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