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Food Ethics Council

Nationwide, United Kingdom

Considered to be experts on fairness and sustainability in food and farming, and the leading voice on ethical food issues.

Registered in 1998, Food Ethics Council is a charity that is known to ask the right questions and challenge underlying assumptions at a pivotal time for food and farming, particularly in the UK.

sankalpa has provided ongoing support to to help the charity scale up and increase the impact of their work.

Our funding has also enabled the development of a new website, ensuring that the charity can engage with a broader audience of UK based food and farming leaders and changemakers — especially those of a younger demographic.

Our ongoing support will continue to help cement the charity’s position as the authoritative voice on food ethics.

Ultimately, we want UK Government and Devolved Administrations to attach higher priority to ethical concerns in food and farming policy. sankalpa believes in the power of people and in the importance of systems change — hence we at the Food Ethics Council share a similar ethos!

Dan Crossley, Food Ethics Council – Executive Director
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