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First Face North

Nationwide, United Kingdom

First Face North is a beautifully designed paperback which outlines 34 building blocks that guide the reader on a personal journey to happiness. The book, available to buy online, is rated five out of five by customers on amazon.

sankalpa supported First Face North through a combination of funding and networking. Connecting changemaker Rob McPhilips with the design studio dust, a creative organisation which uses aesthetics to enhance the impact of the reader’s journey through the pages.

As Rob continues to builds a community through his complimentary project — Make Relationships Simple — a further book may be written with a focus on developing a conscious understanding of relationship dynamics.

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An inspiring read. Thought provoking, encourages you to reflect on your journey through life. The stories contribute to the book. I would like to have discovered this book years ago. I would recommend this book to anyone!

Keith, Amazon Customer
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Tremendous. I first read this book in its original form many years ago. It was my first forage into finding out what makes us happy and it has had an immediate and long lasting effect on me. It’s a life affirming, head clearing and soul mending book. So glad it has finally been released to the masses! I highly recommend it.

I. C. McPhedran, Amazon Customer
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