Argyll, United Kingdom

With a chief focus on the opportunities presented by the UK’s departure from the European Union, Farmwel advocates policies which enable a transition towards sustainable and accountable mainstream agriculture and aquaculture.

Farmwel works together with like minded organisations, such as FAI Farms — a globally respected Oxford-based farm consultancy which helps the food sector overcome key challenges and implement better land and sea farming practices, in order to advise government ministers on good practice in the sector and press for a far-reaching overhaul of UK agriculture and practice. Farmwel’s goals for sustainable food are supported by the Food Ethics Council.

To support the production of good practice guidance for English and Scottish parliament — sankalpa provided Farmwel with the funding required for day to day running costs. The blueprint created by Farmwel has, and is, being used as an advocacy tool to engage politicians.

Farmwel has been in direct discussions with MPs and government about sustainable agriculture since early 2017.

sankalpa has allowed a good idea to become a force for change and has allowed Farmwel to establish itself as a credible force in the Brexit/agriculture debate.

ffinlo Costain, director of Farmwel
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