Farm Ability Equine Therapy

FarmAbility Equine Interaction & Therapy

Oxford, United Kingdom

Providing meaningful outdoor programme for co-farmers; adults with autism and learning disabilities.

Learning how to groom and feed horses are useful practical skills, skills that meet our need to give value to others. Giving value is particularly important for people who depend largely on others for support services. Becoming more confident to interact with a horse by reading her body language can be especially valuable for co-farmers with autism, people who often find social interaction with other people challenging. Offering horse care activities on the farm is a significant and much-loved aspect of our programme.

Sarah Giles, FarmAbility Director
Farm Ability 19

Founded in 2011 as a pilot project, and registered as a charity in 2013, activities include animal care, horticulture, woodwork and seasonal farm tasks.

sankalpa's support covers the ongoing costs of feeding FarmAbility's two horses and pony, ensuring they stay healthy.

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