Suzanneand Jo

Suzanne Rogers & Jo White

Oxford, United Kingdom

Suzanne and Jo share a passion for animals and a fascination for what makes the human animal tick. Prior to joining forces, to found Human Behaviour Change for Animals C.I.C, both had backgrounds in animal welfare and the running of consultancies.

Between them their knowledge, experience and qualifications cover animal behaviour, welfare and management; running international animal welfare programmes; an MSc in (human) behaviour change and certificate in campaigns. 

Fascinated by how to deliver positive change, the pair are committed to making a lasting difference by supporting others to use the principles and practice behind behaviour change.

Image of Suzanne and Jo taken by Jo-Anne McArthur, Unbound

sankalpa is a source of inspiration and motivation to people who are also trying to change the world. Talking to the sankalpa team is so inspiring — they understand exactly what we are doing and why. sankalpa has been very supportive in exploring the potential ways that we can collaborate and their unique approach, to developing and building on trusting relationships, to support and enable changemakers — presents us with an exciting opportunity to make an even greater impact.

Jo White, Cofounder of Human Behaviour Change for Animals
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