Rob McPhilips, The Relationship GPS Project

Rob McPhillips

Nationwide, United Kingdom

From the age of 20 — as a student, therapist, coach and author — Rob McPhillips has been seeking to answer the questions of how people can live happier and more meaningful lives. Rob aims to go beyond established levels of knowledge, to map out the dynamics and structures that determine the quality of human relationships and happiness. Rob believes that by gaining this level of knowledge we, as individuals, can have more awareness and influence over our future.

Rob is the author of First Face North, a paperback which leads the reader on a journey to personal happiness, and he is also founder of Make Relationships Simple (previously known as The Relationship GPS Project) which provides on and offline relationship support to those seeking guidance.

As individuals, our journeys are very different — but there are universal truths and milestones that affect all of us, emotionally, just as profoundly as gravity affects us physically.

To me sankalpa means having the time and space to develop and explain something unique that people may not understand initially, but has the ability to solve real problems in their life.

Rob McPhillips, author and founder of the relationship GPS project
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