Rachel Hammond, edge landscaping — sankalpa changemaker

Rachel Hammond

Oxford, United Kingdom

Rachel Hammond is founder of edge, a sankalpa supported organisation that combines community growing with professional design to create edible landscapes with, and for, people.

As a person who grew up enjoying the natural landscape of Jersey, Rachel knew from a young age that ‘there must be a better way’. Her carefully chosen career path and studies have enabled her to become an expert in all aspects of sustainable permaculture education.

With a teaching qualification and an MA in Urban Design, Rachel is currently applying her skills and knowledge to the creation of online learning programmes for audiences including architects, university students and individuals interested in all aspects of practical food growing.

Experienced in eco building, recycling, ethical finance and connecting with various food organisations through her time working at The People’s Supermarket, Oxford — Rachel is both well connected, and informed, in many aspects of sustainability.

The word I would use is approachable. sankalpa is incomparable to other faceless funders. The unique approach and friendliness follows through the whole team. I feel very supported and incredibly grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am now without their support.

Rachel Hammond, Founder of Edge
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