Monika Alleweldt

Monika Alleweldt

Tamera, Portugal

An agricultural engineering graduate, Monika began her career in Guatemala with the intention of helping to develop the Global South. Shocked by the creeping genocide and misery of the indigenous people, Monika realised that humanitarian aid could not provide a resolution and therefore set out on a journey in search of a solution. Monika’s search brought her into contact with a community and political idea — Tamera a peace research village in Southern Portugal. Monika has worked in the field of publication, communication and networking since the 90s; today Monika is a Tamera Community Leader and coordinates the work of the community’s publishing house; Verlag Meiga.

sankalpa has a high goal of creating change by relying on personal contacts. Global issues and personal integrity are coming together, this is my main impression of sankalpa. ‘Humaneness’ is the word which describes it best.

Monika Alleweldt, Tamera Community Leader
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