Laura Higham, Vet Sustain — sankalpa changemaker

Laura Higham

Nationwide, United Kingdom

Laura Higham has a particular interest in One Health (including animal welfare and antimicrobial resistance) and animal health service delivery in low-income settings. 

While completing her PhD at Edinburgh University, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, Laura's focus was on animal welfare and antimicrobial usage in global livestock supply chains. 

Laura is a veterinary surgeon, consultant at FAI (Food Animal Initiative) and founder of sankalpa supported organisation — Vet Sustain. Vet Sustain, supports vets in tackling the critical environmental, ethical and economic challenges facing society.

sankalpa’s support has included financial help, hands on support and personal mentorship — a combination that has given me the means and confidence to take forward an fledgeling idea. Their agile processes enable them to deliver support quickly and efficiently, when it is needed most — a lifeline.

Laura Higham, Vet Sustain Founder
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