Laura Hancock - Ayurveda Corner, Yoga Retreat

Laura Hancock

Oxford, United Kingdom

Qualifying as an Ayurvedic massage therapist in 2012, Laura began her practice in a garden shed in East Oxford. After developing her client base Laura went on to join the Community Health Hub, Eau de Vie and to eventually manage Healthy Oxford  in Jericho. In addition to her Ayurvedic practice, Laura qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher in 2014 having gained training from a number of highly respected international practitioners.

Laura focuses on creating safe spaces where yoga students and clients are able to access their innermost voices and uncover an authentic sense of self.

'Most people will make contact with me whilst searching for respite from chronic stress, fatigue, pain, having suffered a recent loss or feeling like they have nowhere else to turn. My approach and objective is not to fix anyone, rather to provide tools and support in accessing their own inner wisdom and resilience to fully meet whatever’s arising for them in that moment. It is an incredibly empowering process, and I draw from the many profound and compassionate teachings and teachers that I have encountered on my own personal journey to facilitate this as best as I can.'

sankalpa allows me to continue to provide accessible holistic care to the entire community. Oxford is an incredibly difficult place to get by in, and so many of the people I work with are struggling financially, and are giving so much of themselves to support others, and those in need. With just a bit of space, and unconditional support and compassion, those that are exhausted and feel like they’ve lost themselves, can feel resourced, regenerated, and feel a greater sense of self and purpose.

sankalpa is more than a helping hand. It shines a light on the positive values and contributions within a society that so often go unnoticed, or are abused and taken for granted. sankalpa provides opportunities for compassionate projects to grow, to interconnect, and in time flourish.  The world needs more guardians like this – who can identify worthwhile causes, and elevate them to a wider reaching position of effectiveness. There is a lot of love and trust that comes from sankalpa, and in turn, more love and trust is offered out into the world.

Laura Hancock, founder of Ayurveda Corner
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