Jessica Bockler, The Alef Trust — sankalpa changemaker

Jessica Bockler

Wirral, United Kingdom

Dr. Jessica Bockler is an Applied Theatre practitioner and Transpersonal Psychologist with a passionate interest in expressive and ritual arts as a way to soulful living. 

With a PhD in Psychology, Jessica's research explored 'Theatre as a Transformative Practice', examining the actor’s craft as a vehicle for (trans)personal growth and development.

Jessica is also a Sesame Practitioner, trained in the use of story, drama and movement as a vehicle to work with Soul. With extensive experience of creative programme management and multi-modal arts facilitation in community, education and health contexts, Jessica specialises in transpersonal and somatic approaches to creative practice, combining expressive arts work with practices enhancing mindfulness and body awareness.

Jessica is the director of two sankalpa supported activities. Creative Alternatives, an award winning arts and mental health service which operates in the borough St.Helens, Merseyside, UK; and The Alef Trust an academic programme which was created with the intention of exploring the question: ‘What is our inner psychology and how can we grow?’

sankalpa has enabled us to thrive and become a beacon for transpersonal psychology, building a community of like-minded people from around the world who want to make a difference to their communities, contributing to human flourishing worldwide.

We are living at a time of seismic shifts taking place in our society, with the values traditionally associated with religion requiring realignment and spiritual questions impinging potently on all walks of life. With the help of sankalpa, the Alef Trust is able to play a part in facilitating these shifts, fulfilling our mission to nurture the potential for transformation and greater harmony in and amongst all people and communities, with the aim to make a better world.

Jessica Bockler, Founding Director of The Alef Trust
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