Emma Burnett

Emma Burnett

Oxford, United Kingdom

A postgraduate researcher at Coventry University's Centre for Agroecology, Water & Resilience, Emma’s research focuses on self-organisation, cooperation and competition to better understand resilience in localised agri-food systems. Keen to make academic work accessible to the public, Emma is also a contributor to Urban Food Futures — the first online science magazine dedicated to sustainable urban food systems.

Emma’s experiences are deeply rooted in Oxford's food scene. In 2012, Emma co-founded Cultivate — a cooperative social enterprise working to produce and distribute local food throughout Oxfordshire, while also helping the community to get involved in food related issues and solutions.

sankalpa is keen to see food-centred academic research translated into practical outputs for on-the-ground practitioners. Academics are keen to do the same, but often get lost in the woods. This partnership is the perfect way to bring my theoretical work into practical use. The people who work with sankalpa are extremely positive, helpful and hopeful for the future, which is a nice change. It’s so easy to sink into despair — sankalpa makes you feel positive about the work you do and its potential for the future!

Emma Burnett, Cofounder of Cultivate Oxford
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