Dylan Walker, WCA — sankalpa changemaker

Dylan Walker

United Kingdom

In 1998 Dylan set up England's first whale watching business. After spending 10 years taking tourists on responsible boating expeditions between England and Spain, he wrote two books: Whales & Dolphins of the North American Pacific and Whales & Dolphins of the European Atlantic and went on to apply his expertise to the creation of Wilderlife, a consultancy focused on community rewilding and regenerative foraging.

Today Dylan is the CEO of the World Cetacean Alliance, the world's largest marine conservation partnership. Specialising in facilitating collaboration between stakeholders for the benefit of wildlife and people, Dylan believes in putting communities at the heart of practical conservation, habitat management and regenerative food production.

We are all connected to nature. But some of us are more connected than others, and our shift to an urban culture locked away from the places that provide us with food, water, air and our health is enabling us to do terrible things to the planet in blissful ignorance. Our oceans, the so-called blue planet, is the ultimate challenge when it comes to reconnecting people with the wild.

Dylan Walker, World Cetacean Alliance CEO
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