Dan Crossley, Food Ethics Council — sankalpa changemaker

Dan Crossley

London, United Kingdom

Dan is passionate about accelerating a shift towards food systems that are fair and healthy for people, animals and the planet. 

Having worked in various food sustainability roles, Dan is now Executive Director at the Food Ethics Council — a sankalpa supported think tank and charity— which works to unlock contentious ethical issues and to transform the debate around food and farming.

Dan holds a qualification as a chartered accountant, has worked for a food manufacturer and has led Forum for the Future’s work on sustainable food.

sankalpa is all about empowering changemakers to help create a better world, that’s why it fits so well with our own ethos as an organisation!

We’re also equipping changemakers in the food system; working towards creating a food and farming system that is fair, healthy, humane and environmentally sustainable.

Dan Crossley, Executive Director at the Food Ethics Council
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