Benjamin Von Mendelssohn

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Tamera, Portugal

Born into a once-wealthy, culturally significant, German Jewish banking family — the issues of reconciliation, politics and money accompanied Benjamin from his early years. After a radical but frustrating period of political engagement, Benjamin began to explore holistic approaches to change-making — researching various social experiments and communities which intentionally explore inner and outer peace work.

In 1998 Benjamin began living in Tamera, a peace research village in Southern Portugal. Benjamin is now a next-generation leader at Tamera, a co-founder of The Global Love School and director of the Grace Foundation — a global platform which works to redirect money into planetary models for a nonviolent society.

The sound and style of sankalpa’s gifting inspires my own work with the Grace Foundation — for humanizing money.

Benjamin von Mendelssohn, director of the Grace Foundation
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