Andy Edwards

Oxford, United Kingdom

Andy is a designer and long-time housing activist, keen to develop strategies which make community-led housing accessible and affordable to all.

Trained in architecture at both the University of Sheffield and Oxford Brookes, Andy is an expert in green building — holding an MSc in sustainable building design. With specialist knowledge of ecological design and the use of waste materials in building, Andy has led research projects on community-owned and innovative renewable energy technologies and is a founding member of Kindling Housing Cooperative.

A co-founder and director of sankalpa supported design cooperative Transition by Design, Andy is an activist, social entrepreneur, father and avid co-operator.

sankalpa has given us support at key moments which has helped boost our credibility and launch new initiatives which continue to generate benefits to our members and the wider social enterprise sector and community-led housing sectors in Oxford. Beyond this, they have shown belief in our work and helped us connect with other inspiring groups which is invaluable for young mission-driven organisations.

Andy Edwards, co-founder & director of Transition by Design​
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