Alison Talbert

Alison Talbert

Kilifi County, Kenya

Alison is a paediatrician with an expertise in malnutrition, infection and infant & young child feeding. Moving to Kenya in 2005 from Tanzania, Alison has collaborated with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on tick-borne relapsing fever control. While in Kenya, Alison has undertaken research in malnutrition, has been an investigator on a study of endotoxinaemia in malnutrition and malaria and on clinical trials of an outpatient treatment strategy of ready to use supplementary food in moderate malnutrition.

Alison is now leading a community based study of breastfeeding practices and advice given to first time mothers.

sankalpa has enabled an in-depth investigation of the contextual factors which will

need to be considered in any local interventions to prevent malnutrition and child

deaths. It is hard to find funding for this kind of research from major donors who are

more interested in large scale projects.

Alison Talbert, paediatrician
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