From filmmakers to farmers, our changemakers are a set of people who lead an array of socially brilliant projects across the globe.

We see changemakers as inspiring people who are able to bring about systemic change in the fields of human development, animal welfare and environmental guardianship.

Monika Alleweldt

Monika Alleweldt

Dedicated to promoting writings which inspire humane evolution
Jessica Bockler

Jessica Bockler

Educating an international community of like-minded people, contributing to human flourishing worldwide
Jamie Bristow Headshot

Jamie Bristow

Building the case for mindfulness in the workplace through collaboration and thought leadership
Emma Burnett

Emma Burnett

Investigating how self-organisation, cooperation and competition can work in local food systems
Ffinlo Farmwel 210520

ffinlo Costain

Advising government on good practice, pressing for an overhaul of UK agriculture and aquaculture practice
Dan Crossley Photo Current 2 1 Mb

Dan Crossley

Asking the right questions and challenging underlying assumptions around food and farming
Smaller Andy Edwards Transition By Design

Andy Edwards

Using architectural strategies to collaboratively repurpose empty spaces for community benefit
Wilma And David

David & Wilma Finlay

Demonstrating how high welfare systems can work profitably, with minimal adverse impact
East Amy

Amy Firth

Established a baseline standard for all farmed species in Taiwan and China
Hannah Fenton

Hannah Fenton

Promoting healthy, fair, ethical and environmentally sustainable food for Oxford
Nick Francis L Marc J Francis R Lowres By Vincent Roazzi Jr

Nick & Marc J. Francis

Imaginative and sensitive treatment of the most pressing global issues and human stories of our time
Farm Ability Sarah Giles

Sarah Giles

Enabling adults with autism and learning disabilities to build their strengths and abilities

Rachel Hammond

Creating edible landscapes with and for people, combining community growing with professional design
Ayureda Corner Laura Hancock

Laura Hancock

Creating safe spaces where people can access their innermost voices and uncover an authentic sense of self
Laura Higham

Laura Higham

Supporting veterinary professionals to become a leading force for sustainability
Les Headshot 1

Les Lancaster

Educating an international community of like-minded people, contributing to human flourishing worldwide

Rob McPhillips

Developing a conscious understanding of human dynamics and supporting people as they form, sustain or end relationships
Benjamin Von Mendelssohn

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Creating opportunities for global system of change, redirecting money into planetary models for a nonviolent society
Profit With Purpose2

Elizabeth Morris

Growing the next generation of entrepreneurs and improving financial independence at a local level
Suzanneand Jo

Suzanne Rogers & Jo White

Improving human-animal interaction by supporting people to use behavioural change principles and practice
Alison Talbert

Alison Talbert

Identifying the challenges encountered by breastfeeding mothers in sub-Saharan Africa
Staff Alex Tomlinson

Alex Tomlinson

Harnessing the resilience of, and increasing respect for, the natural world
Dylan Walker 2 Mp

Dylan Walker

Creating responsible whale watching programmes, influencing people to take responsibility for the seas
Stella Dckh

Stella West-Harling MBE

Ensuring isolated people in rural communities have access to healthy and hearty local meals
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